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Re: Version 8, 9, ...

Nhomar Hernandez
- 03/09/2015 10:43:21

2015-03-09 8:32 GMT-06:00 ICT Intranusa <>:

There are ERPs & Apps out there, created before year 2000, nothing change in CORE, even every monthly there are changes both on core side & module side

I am agreed, I have bugs open in the last ERP I used (SAP) since 1999 also ;-)
I used to use a software which had a huge bug which is yet open as an FUD email on my side 15 years ago and "guess?" customer is using today Odoo I solved the issue in ....... 0 hours issue did not exist because the opensource nature of Odoo let saw the error years before I came.

The "impression" of stability in Old ERP's is because they want make millions with 1 development, then the don't want invest more in R&D because it is expensive, that's a fact.

SAP has 200x more tables than Odoo, guess why? more features?. Nah! imposibility with them technology evolve and re-write themselves.

Technically speaking, with old ERP system if something do not work, the first "consultancy" advise is: dowload in excel and fix it for reports.

We need stability "yes" we need R&D anf fast evolution "yes" >The Way> "Open Source and colaboration" from all sides, economical commercial and programatic.

my 2 cents.!

Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez