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Re: Version 8, 9, ...

Nhomar Hernandez
- 03/09/2015 09:38:49

2015-03-09 4:45 GMT-06:00 OI Dubai <>:

Our company dicided to stick on version 8 for some time and only new projects will be implemented in latest versions if it stable. And migration of existing customers to next version will be v 10 or v 11 after three or five years. Between this periods no miracle going to happen.

Here depending of the size of the project can be a good o bad Idea.

What we do (if it helps others excellent).

We make a plan for years with our customers, and prepare correctly the enviroment to progresivally and almost automatically from time to time involving Product Owners and tema leaders test new features in future versions (yes the beauty of OpenSource), and encourage the adquisition of the Enterprise licence.

- in One side with our CI (runbot with steroids), they can test them enviroment with demo data, and analyse by themselves what necesary is (or not) a migration (less consultancy time at the end, but technically more support at the begining.

- One time New version arrive (generally only 6~10 months after the golive) they can test the same enviroment with real data (due to migration services from Odoo), on this point we will face which things need to be migrated, obsollete source code, and we start re-write things because they need be or deprecated in favor of new official modules or migrated, due to changes on views/api.

The secon takes something like 6~month included in a plain package of support which ios combined with Enterprise.

after only one and a half year, customer see always the value of the migration and gualá we are ready for plan training and all the rest of depper validations.

As we try to start our projects always in trunk or last stable, customers are always on last updated stable version, they know where them money is going on and the total price is "always" less than a privative ERP+customizations on that ERP.

It is more a long term deal than an "upsale deal", it works for medium projects (let's say +20' users) that can achieve such deal.

With little companies, we stay on stable at least 2 years, because they can not deal with the fast changes, and they "must" stay there for economisc reasons, but, we have little customers that simply say "put my master data and we start in new version from 0", and that is anooooother option available.

Then there is not a fixed rule or a fixed case, you just need to be clear and transparent every budget is different, and every need is different.

We have customers yet on version 6.0 because simply they considere they can not achieve a migration, but they do not considere that "bad" it is simply them reality and they accept on that way.

I hope it helps.


Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez