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Re: V8 -> V9 Upgrade Compatibility

- 03/09/2015 04:22:48
Le 06/03/2015 18:49, Dominique Chabord a écrit :
> Alexandre :
> Many modules will be revisited to use the new interface between V8 and V9.
> Should we expect an additional level difficulty for this migration ?
> or data model should be more or less stable ?
> regards
Maybe as the core modules get reimplemented in the new API, there will 
be some cleanup and some dirty methods will change names or signatures.
In our custom modules the API should not prove a problem, just a new 
option if you want to simplify the code. It's optional: it's compatible 
with the old API, and the old API is not deprecated (I don't think it 
will be any time soon) so you get to judge the benefits by yourself.

The data model will be just as stable (or unstable depending on your 
point of view) as ever.
My bet: little change on WMS (rewritten last year), lots of change on 
accounting (focus of v9).