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Rigoberto Martinez
- 03/08/2015 09:25:45
"Si avanzo sígueme, si me detengo empújame, si retrocedo mátame"

"If I advance, follow me, if I stop push me, kill me if you step back"

Welcome is the version 9 ... 10, 11 ... and the evolution TinyERP, OpenERP, Odoo ... and more.

2015-03-08 2:18 GMT-05:00 Nhomar Hernández <>:

2015-03-06 14:17 GMT-06:00 OpenERP Master <>:
Software evolution is important, however it seems like high cost is being transferred to the community and there is a disconnect between the core and the community developers. Perhaps it has been this way for some time, but I am noticing it more.

You have 2 options always.

-- Stay on stable by 5 years yourself (a lot of people in the community take this approach).

- Benefits: Quiet life, no too much improvements to control, customers feels confortable, you don't have to plan quick moves, less investments on R&D on your side.

- Cons: You will not have inmediate benefits of the R&D done by Odoo, S.A and the oned which support them, Backporting is higly difficult mantained by yourself, Slow evolution (in 1 year it feels oldy be in stable), customer will pay A LOT to have features that are only availables on new versions due to them need to pay by themselves the R&D.

-- Mantain yourself side by side to Odoo evolution.

- Benefits: Your customer will have always the "last", R&D is shared between customers (because I am asumming you will buy an enterprise to achieve the deal), You can be in constant evolution to your customer (having a lot of opportunities to groeth up with them), you mantain the ecosystem comeptitive (because who innovate first is the one which win the market).... (I have 10 more but this are the first ones)

- cons: mmmmm... Not too much, may be it brings to you a lot of more proffesionalism in your mantainance of servers,  because manually it is impossible to achieve, you need to prepare yourselve to achieve this deal, yea it is not a "End use approach", bugs - bugs - bugs--- You will need to be prepared to manage correctly the change (it is possible).

In our experience 100% of times is 3x more expensive being always in stable that share between all the R&D moving forward with odoo (because migrate after 2 versions becomes the migrations in almost a new implementation).

And if Odoo SA achieve the goal to make perfect the services behind Enterprise Licence, heplping them customers to be more effective, and if everybody buy the enterprise, it MUST be the perfect world.

Then, I think, evolve with Odoo is less expensive, other people can be affraid of that (they are right also), it ia a matter of PoV nothing else.

Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez

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