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New returns/exchanges/refund module for Odoo 8.0

OpenERP Master
- 03/07/2015 23:59:39

I created a new module for v8 that creates a customer service function for the sales order. It is a little generic so you can create/manage claims from your sales orders or create claims directly. Typically modules available today use the term RMA, While this means return merchandise/materials authorization, this module does much more than that so it is called sale services.

This module is designed specifically for ecommerce companies. The concept is that everything is managed with a sale order in mind. You can create/view a claim from a sales order, and see the activity of the claim on the sales order, or you can view the claim directly in after sale services.

The technical component of the module was inspired based on the core Purchase/Sale modules. In fact a lot of the code that performs actions on these objects was copied and modified to support a customer service function.

This module does not use wizards. IMO when you create a claim you are already laying out what data you need so adding a wizard to confirm picking/invoice creation is redundant and unnecessary. When you confirm a sales order and an invoice is created or same with PO, there is no wizard.

This module is still under development but you can do with the code as you see fit.