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Re: Calculating "QTY available to MAKE" - Products with a BoM ?? (v7 or 8)

- 03/03/2015 04:15:37
I wasn't aware of the module bom_stock (not even this OCA project by the 
way), else we would surely have based stock_available_mrp on it.
So, now that stock_available provides a wider framework for computing 
the stock available to promise, I think we should try to merge 
bom_stock's features into stock_available_mrp.
The v8 API will allow us to make a much cleaner code for 
stock_available_mrp, and we expect to migrate it to v8 this year.
What do you think?

Le 03/03/2015 08:57, Joël Grand-Guillaume a écrit :
> Hi there,
> We already have such a module here (still v7.0):
> It works in produciton since version 5.0 ! It probably needs some perf 
> improvements if huge BoM are used. Our customer us it on a 30'000 
> product DB without trouble, but have only simple one level BoM.
> In version 8.0, we can improve this perf a lot by using the quants in 
> the computation.
> My2Cents,
> Regards,
> Joël