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Re: Calculating "QTY available to MAKE" - Products with a BoM ?? (v7 or 8)

- 03/03/2015 04:05:00
Le 03/03/2015 01:42, OpenERP Master a écrit :
> This feature sounds like it would be very expensive from a performance 
> standpoint
That's one of the reasons the OCA version in stock_available_mrp only 
does 1 level of BoM (that and the fact that it's all we needed four our 
own use-case). But I'd be glad to have proposals to improve this.
In our environment (v7, 120000 locations, 1.4M stock moves) it "seems" 
that this computation is still not much slower than the computation of 
the standard stock levels.
But as we are preparing to move to v8, we're going to make sure the 
performances remain acceptable. We also asked Odoo SA to optimize the 
computation of stock levels in the standard v8 too.