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Procurement Group, add new pickings

OpenERP Master
- 03/03/2015 01:00:57

I am developing a new returns module separate from the OCA one. I am aware of the OCA one.

In this module I allow user to create a new return or delivery order for an exchange, etc. This is done on a new data model separate from a sale.order. I want the picking in/out to be visible on the originating sales order's picking_ids. I have exposed this field in the UI. I would like to do this to provide an all encompassing view of incoming/outgoing shipments for a single sale order.

The code to generate this field is a functional field here:

In order to accomplish my goal of having the return/extra picking show in this field I would have to add the new pickings to the existing procurement group created when the sale order is confirmed. The procurement group has no state, so I don't see a reason why this would cause a problem. I have also done preliminary testing and all appears working.

Any objections to this design would be appreciated, please provide a substantial answer if you think its a bad idea to create new pickings in/out under an existing procurement group with done delivery orders.