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working time for work centers in manufacturing

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 03/02/2015 08:48:25
Hi all,

I am looking at the work centers and working time and resource leaves 
areas of the manufacturing section. When you turn this on it sets up a 
working time called "40Hours/Week" and there is some integration between 
resource leaves and employee holiday requests. On a work center you can 
specify the resource type as human and the working time, and you can 
specify the capacity per cycle to indicate how many people can do that 
activity in parallel. I can't quite figure out how it should be used in 
practice though.
What we really want to have is employee timesheets being related to work 
orders, so we can see what people are doing and get statistics on 
productivity. At the moment it doesn't appear that a work order can be 
assigned to a person to do, they only get assigned to a work center. If 
the work order had an operator field on it so it could be assigned to a 
person then they record their start and end times on it, we could link 
that back to attendance and compare the planned hours against the actual 
hours for the person.
Has anyone implemented this area in practice and found good ways of 
running it? Are there extra modules that enhance this?