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Re: CLA and App Store

Daniel Reis
- 02/27/2015 05:50:32
Hello Fabien,

I also have some questions on the app store.
Maybe they can contribute to improve the information on the website.

The context as I see it - as a paid module publisher:
a) I register in Odoo app store and publish my modules with a price on 
them, either private or public code.
b) People them then buy them, paying to Odoo the price listed, and then 
get access to download the module.
c) Then Odoo pays me 70% of charged price.

My questions:

a1) What is the a contract, or at least the terms of use, of the app 
store? At least to make it clear what is Odoo's role between me and the 
buyer. And Odoo will be collecting money using my name and work, so some 
legal guarantees should be provided.

b1) What business operation is going on - it's Odoo reselling software 
licenses, right?
b2) On EU are these digital goods and will charge VAT on destination 
country? Will you add VAT on top of the module owner's price?
b3) As a publisher, what are my liabilities on the sold software? Can I 
waive responsibilities GNU license style?
b4) Bought modules can be re-downloaded at any time, can be 
(re)installed in any instance the buying user wants?
b5) Does the buyer have automatic access to modules upgrades? Can I 
publish a major version of a module and ask for an upgrade fee?
b6) What about dependencies, when they can also have a price? The bought 
module price will automatically include dependencies? Can they be form 
other publishers?
b7) Can the buyer return the module and get his money back?
b8) Can I change the price for my module? Any limitations or rules on that?

c1) How do I get paid? Bank transfer? I'm in the Euro zone, but so you 
support other regions? What about transfer expenses? Is there a minimum 
transfer value?
c2) When paying me, will you request an invoice? I must be a company or 
can be an individual?
c3) Will Odoo withhold taxes on these payments?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Reis