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Re: Shipping Module for v7.0

ITpedia Solutions, LLC, Nicholas Riegel 2
- 02/26/2015 10:42:29
In general, I think there is alot of misunderstand about open source licenses, and not just in this thread or with the Odoo/OpenERP community.

My understanding is source code released under the LGPL is similar to the GPL and also requires source code to be made available to parties the software is distributed (sold, given away for free, etc) to.  The difference with the LGPL vs GPL is that proprietary and other non LGPL licensed code can be linked, depend, extend, etc on the LGPL code. LGPL is also know as the "Library" GPL. The official name is Lesser General Public License. AGPL requires the source be made available to all users of the software over a network and not just parties the software is distributed to.


Odoo / OpenERP - AGPL
Module - must be AGPL, AGPL +  Odoo Private Use License

Odoo - GPL (only provided as an example)
Module  - must be GPL (only provided as an example)

Odoo - LGPL
Module  - can be released under any licenses, including (but not limited to): closed source, GPL. LGPL, Apache, BSD, MIT, Mozilla, etc

I don't think OpenERP v7 will be converted to LGPL, although I am not 100% sure since I do not hold the copyright for that code nor work for the company who owns the majority of the copyright for the code (Odoo SA).

This is a good site about open source licenses, including links to the full license language.

I hope this helps.

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On 02/26/2015 02:02 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

AGPL requires that any code be made available to users of that system. It does not require that the code be made available to the public Internet, but does not stop that distribution if it happens.

If anyone sees merit in a robust shipping module for openerp and would be open to an indiegogo campaign let me know otherwise I'll probably wait until it can be released under LGPL as a paid module.

On Feb 25, 2015 9:43 PM, "cubells" <> wrote:
El 26/02/15 a les 00:28, Chris Jones ha escrit:
> AGPL does not force sharing of code to the general public. By open
> source I mean that i would make it publically available and continuing
> to support it.

I think you understand incorrectly the AGPL license:

Atentament, cubells.

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