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Re: Shipping Module for v7.0

Chris Jones
- 02/25/2015 18:24:28

AGPL does not force sharing of code to the general public. By open source I mean that i would make it publically available and continuing to support it.

There are components of the module that live outside of the OpenERP framework that are not covered by AGPL.

If someone is paying for it I'm happy to port to v8.

On Feb 25, 2015 2:53 PM, "Mitch Brown" <> wrote:

Hi Chris,

Any plans to port it to v8?


Mitch Brown
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<span data-mailaddress="" data-contactname="Chris Jones" class="clickable"><span title="">Chris Jones <> , 2/25/2015 1:58 PM:
We've spent about 6 months and a lot of resources developing a shipping module for v7 and I've been debating on what to do with it. I have a few clients (including an e-commerce business I own) running it. I'd like to open source it but I'm nowhere near break even on the cost of building it. 

I'm considering putting together an indiegogo campaign for it. For hitting a basic milestone I'll release the code as-is, for higher ones I can add additional carriers, integrations, label styles, freight carriers, etc. Thoughts? 

Brief list of features:
- USPS, UPS, Fedex and about a dozen other international carriers through
- USPS through Stamps
- UPS Worldship XML and Datapac XML outputs
- webhook listener that updates tracking status' from easypost near real-time
- UPS Billing Audit (upload CSV of your bill) - work in progress but pretty close
- Automatic box selection based on product size using api
- Automatic box selection based on product/case rules
- Multiple shipping label template options (UPS thermal and right now). 
- Imports shipping method from OpenERP Magento connector. Exports tracking information back to Magento. 
- Emails customer tracking info (optionally) from OpenERP. 

Here's a video walkthrough of it. 

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