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Re: Conversion from mysql to postgreSQL

- 02/25/2015 14:31:00

Dear Roman, thanks for your proposition. Please how can i do to realize it. It's means migrate only  all master / preference data.
Best regards
Saint Cyr

Le 25 févr. 2015 17:32, "Roman Gurinovich" <> a écrit :
Dear Cyr, 

like Andre wrote, that is mainly manual work, even if some automation tool will be selected. Reason - exact fields and workflows mapping is needed. So simple CSV sync will work for you too. You can utilize next approach:

1. Migrate all master / reference data : Customers, Partners, Departments, Employees, Products etc. 
2. Don't migrate historical transactions and start with new records: Sales Orders, Tasks, Invoices. 

In most of the cases historical data is needed for analytic purposes only, so you can do that in old software / external BI tools 

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 8:08 PM, André P. <> wrote:
We use Pentaho Kettle to make those kinds of conversions. But prepare for a few weeks of work, and to study the data models of both systems in detail - it's not an easy task, especially if there are many tables.

2015-02-25 16:43 GMT+00:00 cyr saint <>:
Hi, i'm in Odoo 8.0. I want to use my dolibarr database in Odoo 8.0. I have backup my dolibarr database in a dump sql format. How can i do this import(or conversion) please?

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