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Re: Gitflow BangBang

KMEE, Luis Felipe Miléo
- 02/25/2015 08:28:13

We use HUBFlow with OCA/l10n-brazil since end of 2013.

In addition to automate tasks works very well for collaboration, because when some one start a feature, the feature will be created at remote repository. So that anyone who you are working in a similar code can easily search on github to another WIP.


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Your design seems quite complex. Maybe you aren't using protected branches?

I would architect arround the git flow default: master and development branches, which are dynamically complemented by feature, support, hotfix and release brnaches. your alpha/beta stream maps to release branches, your production stream matches the master branch and your team streeam matches the development branch.

Pleas note that the configuration of this can be on a per branch level as .gitflow file can be verion controlled. You'd have to make sure, that gitflow files dont get altered, by excluding them completely in the gitignore, and keep an eye on them in merges.

As I see it's a rather trivial design then with two upstreams (backports and odoo) and one origin (team).
After configuring your master and development branches, which can be nested, so in the case of odoo, it would look like:
v8: master: 8.0 development: 8.0-dev
v7: master: 8.0 development: 8.0-dev

So your local workflow would go like this:
git alias_change_upstream && git flow feature start (to set the right upstream together wirth the right development branch)
git alias_change_upstream && git flow feature finish

however, I would not use multiple upstreams on your local machine, but rather merge upstream changes on a regular basis into your development branch. It's like upstream would be an additional team member hacking on your dev branch... (or two, when you include backports), then your master branch (as per version branch) would be equal prodution, and you would just init alpha/beta ("release") branches with the git flow release start command.

IMHO, it's quite straight forward, this way. The key is protected branches, tough -> gitlab with github replay?

I'm eager to hear your comments!

Saludos Cordiales
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