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OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 02/25/2015 05:18:17
Hi Alaney,

I had exactly the same problem with the xml_id in a totally different scenario, when I was trying to change the layout of Invoices through the view inheritance facilities. There is no way through the UI to get an xml_id :-( You basically will need to do it manually through the backend files in the addons directory.

I'm going to raise this issue with Odoo separately because it's really limiting some of the features.

Going back to your problem, can I ask you what version of Odoo you are using? I have documented how to set up UK accounting in Smart Mode for V8, but that's probably not relevant to you, although the process should be the same (or very similar).

Have a look if you like. Just remember it's not for commercial use, we've done this for our own information.


On 24/02/15 19:48, Alaney Kilson Dória wrote:
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I would like to know how other partners are managing the setup of account module. My question is related to the fact that when you install the module, even if you choose you chart account the default one is created and you have to manually deleted. Also notice that the account chart template only work from a specific follow of installing the module.

Another thing is related to the account journal.  I believe that is created by code, because there is no xml_id and I can't find and xml with that data, to allow me to setup all the journal when I install my account localization. That would avoid the need that every time you install this module you have to delete  setup manually the journal, delete the account and taxes and  default account chart.

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