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Re: On-premise pricing structure questions

Bill Ennals
- 02/24/2015 16:00:10
Hi Fabien and others that have responded,

Thanks for the prompt response and I appreciate the arguments/suggestions re: reliability of hosted services and getting quotes from partners.  If I can trouble you with a few more questions though I think your answer might help me to understand the differences between customisation and module development and also what customers are able to do with the results of customisations.

Let's say that I take out a contract for one whole year with Odoo SA and pay the extra $80 per month in advance for customisations to the Project bundle because I've decided that I would like 20 extra fields added to the Project settings form so it can handle commercial leasing matters for me.  Let's also say that I would like those 20 extra fields to appear on two different additional tabs (10 per tab) next to the 'Team', 'Other info' and 'Project stages' tabs.  The fields don't have to do anything with automated actions or workflows etc.  They just need to hold some data like 'annual leasing cost', 'Real Property description number' etc.

My questions are:

1.  Would the additional fields on different tabs be considered customisation, or would that require module development?

2.  Would I get access to the customised module code so that I could install it on-premise if I chose to in the future (remembering that I paid the additional $960 for customisation in advance)?

Thanks for your time.  I would like to take advantage of the implementation offer from Odoo before the end of February (it's a great deal:)), hence my questions, and yes, I understand that support and training would be limited to the instance of Odoo I'm paying for to be hosted, not any instance that I may be maintaining myself on-premise.


On 24/02/2015, at 10:12 AM, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:

> My questions are:
> 1.  Would the customised modules be made available to me to install on-premise (I realise it would be up to me to install them)?

> 2.  Once the customisations were done, how long would the $80/month charges need to be paid?  Would it be for the life of the use of the customised modules?

We only offer our unlimited support and customization service on Odoo online, not on Odoo on premise. If you want on premise services, it's better to contact a partner for specific services.

For Odoo online services,  we ask minimum one year before being able to switch to on premise.(to cover our training, support, implementation assistance costs), On SaaS, you continue to pay the $80 as long as you use them (we maintain and update customizations at every upgrade).

For on premise, you should ask quotes to a partner to maintain and upgrade customizations. Note that the customization service does not include development of modules; we change reports, screens, workflows and automated actions as parametrization, not development.

Note that reliability is often much stronger on Odoo online rather than a specific on premise implementation: servers are replicated (if one crash, another one takes the control), and we are able to relocate / upgrade /restore in just a few minutes.


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