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On-premise pricing structure questions

Bill Ennals
- 02/23/2015 17:35:54

I'm hoping someone can resolve some questions I have regarding an on-premise installation.

My situation is that I am looking at a hosted service with Odoo including the Website & Ecommerce, CRM & Sales, and Project bundles.  I would also want to use the $80/month customisation option for the Project and possibly the CRM & Sales bundles (the Website & Ecommerce I would use standard).

The business I am about to start is particularly time-sensitive and there are occasionally deadlines of great importance (and risk).  For this reason, I would want to have an on-premise installation which would ensure my data (at least the majority of it) is available to me even in the event of an internet outage.  These outages are rare, but they do happen, so if one happened with a deadline looming it could cause major problems for me.  The syncing of data between the two databases is something I haven't investigated thoroughly, but I'd like to put that aside for now (regular manual exchanges of data might even be feasible for me).

My questions are:

1.  Would the customised modules be made available to me to install on-premise (I realise it would be up to me to install them)?

2.  Once the customisations were done, how long would the $80/month charges need to be paid?  Would it be for the life of the use of the customised modules?

Looking forward to your responses,