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RE: Product Category Sort Order

Garth Mathers
- 02/20/2015 17:13:38

Yes, the problem was in the translations for the names of the product categorie. The Product Categories also needed to have the their Sequence set to 0. And I had to trigger Odoo to re-calculate the parent_left values.


Thanks for your help!


Garth Mathers


From: Quentin THEURET []
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2015 4:09 AM
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Subject: Re: Product Category Sort Order


On 19/02/2015 21:02, Ana Juaristi wrote:

> Sort order is english alphabetical name.


Is there a bug report for this ? I'm also interesting to find a solution 

to this issue.


I'll try to do that on the search method by using the translations in 

ir.translation table but it's too critical for the whole system. So, I'm 

ready to help community and/or Odoo by sharing my point of view on this 








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