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Re: Contribution - Shop by Brands Feature!

Pedro M. Baeza
- 02/20/2015 11:40:04
Thanks, Jay for your contributions.

This is a good candidate for OCA/website repo!


2015-02-20 17:32 GMT+01:00 Jay Vora <>:
Hello Partners and Community,

It feels pleasure to contribute always to the community which is among the strongest in opensource communities.

SerpentCS has contributed today the eCommerce module which is usually the need of various shops, The feature of 'shop by brands'.

ODOO is excellent as you know, which has come up with Website CMS and e-Commerce features since v8. Still we are far away from competing various eCommerce CMS providers like magento, prestashop and others.

While shopping online, we have seen various eShops having a feature to shop by brands which ODOO does not yet provide officially. SerpentCS has made a web module which fills the gap at certain extent and by providing basic search by brands, thus reducing end-user's efforts in searching the products he wants to purchase.

Going forward, we would be adding other features like pricelist on brands, discount coupons on brands, displaying specific brands to specific customers and many others which will come into picture after analysing user needs.

ODOO - Shop by Brands

The source code is at github.

More details are here on the blog.

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