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Re: Development Speedup :: Pyinotify and autocode compilation / db updates

- 02/20/2015 11:35:59
Wow, to begin with, a lot of thanks for the --auto-reload option I did
not know about! I have made a pull request to add it to the
For those that are wondering, it enables Odoo to reload changed python
source files while running, without having to restart the server for the
change to apply.

As for the -u  flag, I think that it would be really
nice of the Odoo team to add an automatic reload of all the modules
whose xml files have changed.
I have myself written a small python script that I use to launch the server that
detects changes to xml files between two server starts.
It uses simple hashes, so if I could do it, I guess it wouldn't be too
hard for the Odoo team to integrate this feature, which would really
ease development!

On 17/02/15, Sengottuvel wrote:
> Try. If your server platform is Linux.
> python openerp-server -u sale -d dbname
> It will update sale module only.
> On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 8:43 PM, Daniel Reis < [1] > wrote:
> Try using the --auto-reload option when starting the server.
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