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Duplicate Products (Version 7)

Dave Ellison
- 02/20/2015 05:28:12

Got a strange bug in Odoo. We have times when we duplicate a product, it
seems to keep information from the previous product. That is after all
we have changed everything. For example:

We have a headset product, we duplicate that and use it for a headset
accessory, changing the name to for example "Accessories cable 1" so no
wording in the name as "headset", description, sales description,
purchase description, price etc. However when searching for headsets the
new product appears! Like it has information from the previous product.
But via Odoo, nothing can be seen. 

I did some more investigation, under product_product database table, it
shows the correct information. However there is another table used
called product_template ?! This holds the additional information and the
name field within template is being searched. Even though name in
product_product seems to be the one shown and I assumed searched for.
The name in the template seems to be wrong! It's like it's keep the
original information within the template table when duplicating.

Hope this makes sense. Anyone else have this issue?