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Re: Using point of sale interface for other functions

- 02/20/2015 03:23:55
There is a lot of this sort of questions on the lists, revolving around 
how to make a mobile/touch interface for various functions, and mainly WMS.
There was almost the same question on 
this week.
     -> Maybe it's time for the OCA to step in? Joël do you have an 
opinion about this?

To sum it up, here's what I understand of the situation:
- The POS is a full fledged web app in itself, with lots of plumbing 
like offline sessions, hardware proxy (posbox) etc. I'm not sure how 
modular it is, I wouldn't bet you can reuse it for other objects like 
stock moves, but I may be wrong. If someone knows better I'd love to 
hear from them.
- The standard v8 does have a basic barcode/touch driven interface. 
Check it out, maybe the simplest route is to extend that.
- Odoo has a mobile framework for android, it's not officially supported 
but some cmmunity members seem to be using it.
- there is a popular android client called mERP, it's closed source but 
tries to remain "cheap". SerpentCS and probably other companies also 
propose WMS android clients for Odoo.

Le 19/02/2015 01:32, John Pia Jr a écrit :
> Does anybody have any experience taking the point of sale interface 
> and using it for functions other than selling product. For example my 
> business receives inventory everyday, at the point of it hitting our 
> warehouse, we give the product a quality grade. Basically it would 
> utilize the stock move object. I am very interested in learning how to 
> utilize this interface for other operations. Any feedback is appreciated
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