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QWeb header/footer error with 'big' reports

Real Solutions, Jerome Keirse
- 02/19/2015 09:01:11
Hi all,

We have a problem regarding the page number printed on QWeb reports which have more than 8 pages. We found the problem on a custom report but it's easy to reproduce it on a standard report.

Create an invoice with around 200 lines and print the standard invoice report. You will have around 8 pages, footer won't appear on the first page.
Add then 40 lines more, the footer will start to appear only on the 4th page.
The problem is not only with the footer, the header can have this problem too. Sometimes the header appears on the first pages and then disappears for few pages to appear again.

Odoo version: 8.0
Wkhtmltopdf version: 12.0 and 12.1 patched qt. Same behaviour.

Does anybody has already faced and solved that  problem ?

Best regards,