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Re: Configure odoo for gps tracking services - Heeeelp

- 02/18/2015 04:37:33
The connection between your physical items (the tracker and the sim) and the services you are invoicing is not clear to me.
Is there any connection between them ??
Or do you just want to invoice the service you provide ?
Peter van Montfort
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Onderwerp: Configure odoo for gps tracking services - Heeeelp
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I need to configure odoo for the GPS tracking services. My question is about how to configure my products.


-          I buy the GPS trackers (I can create a product and can assing serial number for each one)

-          I buy the SIM cards to the telecom (I also create a product and can assing serial number, in this case is the phone number of the sim card)


This type of business, we bill  a service, but this service is attached to a vehicle, for example, the detail for one bill  is:


1                     GPS Service for Honda Accord 2005 A105163               USD$15

2                     GPS Service for Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 A154420        USD$15


Each client has one or more gps services in his cars, and each line of the bill has specific characteristics. Also this bill is monthly


How can I manage this type of bills?


I really really will appreciate your help. I have been try and I cant



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