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Re: Odoo inventory management mobile app

XPANSA, Oleg Kuryan - Chief Technical Officer, Xpansa Group
- 02/17/2015 03:12:46

Hi Alp,

Currently we are focusing on redesigning mERP. Design will be available for beta testing in next few weeks.

Regarding mERP Wadehouse I can provide you for evaluation current edition that contains some customer specific functions that we are going to remove in the coming month. I know that you have subscribed already to receive evaluation version of mERP. Will ask my guys to send you a link.


On 16 Feb 2015 15:08, "Alp ŞEBER" <> wrote:

When merp warehouse will be available for us to download and try or buy or use?

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2015-02-16 13:58 GMT+02:00 Carlos Liébana <>:

We've already developped this. It works over OpenERP v6.1, with a Rails responsive application based on the Akretion work, managing a multistore ecommerce warehouse with 5 Magento stores synchronized with OpenERP.

They are one of the biggest vendors here in Spain of flash sales ecommerces, and these last christmas they get to manage around 1000 sales per day in their warehouses with our application.

The main problem is that our development is heavily tied to their processes, some of them very specific already covered in their custom OpenERP 6.1. But our idea is to build from scratch a new application based on the old one and on the knowledge/experience adquired, so members on board are welcome.

Best regards.

2015-02-16 8:15 GMT+01:00 Nhomar Hernández <>:

2015-02-15 15:52 GMT-06:00 OpenERP Master <>:
If we wanted to work with proprietary software, or software that will not function unless you pay a fee, especially a monthly fee per person, we would work with standard enterprise licensed software.

This line is the one that make me personally worried about your position.

IMHO the enterprise licence is not a "would" is a "most" but with your last email it is better but not totally.

Again "Freely distributable" is not a mandatory feature, be able to access the Source code is freedom.

Commercial agreements are not against opensource nature, even the contrary, only when everybody understand that if all of the ones that use software most care about the editor itself of the software in a direct way (without rodeos) we will rule the world "enterely", in the middle we just create unecesary frictions between us.

Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez

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