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RE: stock input account balance with Anglo-Saxon accounting

Eficent Business and IT Consulting Services, S.L.
- 02/17/2015 01:52:01

And this is how SAP ByDesign handles price differences with Moving Average Cost Method:

El dia 17/02/2015 7:48, "Jordi Ballester Alomar" <> va escriure:

Oh, and by the way, I am not using the anglo_saxon module, but this separate module instead.

El dia 17/02/2015 7:47, "Jordi Ballester Alomar" <> va escriure:

You are right Yoshi,

Since I found some other issues with the Anglo-Saxon module I developed a separate module that handled the posting of price differences. I will be fixing this issue in that module 'account_creditor_price_difference'.

I will keep you updated when it's fixed.

I will also raise Issues to Odoo regarding the other problems I found in the anglo saxon module, described in my post. Hopefully Odoo will fix them in future releases.

El dia 17/02/2015 5:13, "Yoshi Tashiro" <> va escriure:

Hi Jordi,


Thanks for your comment.  I think, however, my point is different to your case - while your case is based on "standard" costing method, my case is "average" costing method.


I understand that usng "standard" costing, "price difference" should be posted when PO price is different to the product cost, which should not be the case when you use "average" costing.  Since the stock input amount (or what you call GRNI amount) at receipt should always equals to the PO amount using "average" costing (except for some return cases dependng on the scenario), if you take the stock input amount at the supplier invoice from the product cost, it inherently leaves some balance in the stock input account as the purchase price fluctuates.  As I understand, in Anglo-Saxon context, there should be no balance left in the stock input account after supplier invoice has been processed.


So, I have been wondering the rationale behind this design.  Is this just the wrong design and we should just not use Anglo-Saxon + average costing, or do I have some fundamental misunderstanding about the usage of stock input/price difference account?


Yoshi Tashiro


From: Jordi Ballester Alomar []
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Subject: Re: stock input account balance with Anglo-Saxon accounting


Hello Tashiro,


It should work as you describe it. See the summary of postings using anglo-saxon module and real time account valuation:



For more information, read the following post:





On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 11:13 AM, Yoshi Tashiro <> wrote:



Just curious how people in the community are handling this case.



- v7

- Anglo-Saxon accounting, Real Time stock valuation, Costing Method = Average


With this setting, the system cannot cancel out the stock input account balance coming from receipt and supplier invoice when PO price (=receipt price) is different to the cost in product master, which I think is incorrect.  Stock input account balance should not remain in the system after supplier invoice has been processed.


My questions are:

1. Is my above understanding valid or do I have some misunderstanding?

2. If my above understanding is valid, is there a solution (a module or setting/operation workaround) out there to fix the issue?


Yoshi Tashiro

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