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Re: Quickbooks connector

by David Goodenough <> - 02/16/2015 06:22:23
The interface is COM based, and the documentation comes as part of
the Quickbooks SDK.  The request and response details are available at

but be careful which browser you use to access that, it is the most finicky
site I have ever met - well badly constructed would be a better description.
Their XML is referred to as QBXML.

I have some Java code which uses it, but separating it from the application
may take a little while. But I should be able to answer questions.

I know little of Python, and I do not know if there is a COM bridge for
Python, but if there is it should be possible.

I have only ever run this on a standalone single user version of QB, I have
never tried it on a multi-user server and I have no idea if the interface
even exists on the linux servers.

Be careful when reading up on this as you will find references to both
QBXML and to their REST API.  You may think - REST, I know that, lets use
that instead.  Thing is that that is only for their online version, not the
standalone application.

QBXML has gradually opened up access to the data in QB over the years,
and there are differences between the US and the rest of the world as
to what is released.  But Quickbooks versions are quite good at telling
you what they support.  They tend not to fail catastrophically if you ask them
for something this version does not support.  


On Monday 16 February 2015 07:02:51 OpenERP Master wrote:
> Hi,
> I actually did not know this. Originally, I developed a connector that does
> IIF files because that is what the customer wanted. There is also another
> ERP software called MOM (multichannel order manager), that provides this
> exact functionality. I think it may be too late to backtrack, however if
> you would be so kind as to provide a link to some documentation I would
> appreciate it. Even better if you had some Odoo/OpenERP snippets to look
> at. We have 2 potential customers needing this feature and in the United
> States, I hear about this feature all of the time. I would be nice to just
> get this module out of the way. On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 4:27 AM, David
> Goodenough < [1] > wrote:
> On Sunday 15 February 2015 08:23:22 OpenERP Master wrote:
> > Hello Community,
> > 
> > We have been tasked with developing a quickbooks interface for Odoo 8. We
> > are looking for companies interested in this feature. We would like to
> > make
> > this module generic so it will work for everyone. The module will export
> > journal entries from sales orders/invoices and vendor invoices/payments in
> > the form of an IIF (Quickbooks compatible format) File. AR/AP. Development
> > is already 50% complete. If you are interested please let us know if you
> > would like to contribute to it.
> > 
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> Why are you using IIF, there is a very good XML-RPC API to Quickbooks which
> gives you access (read and write) to most of Quickbooks data. I have used
> this to copy customer and invoice details from a pre-existing invoicing
> system into Quickbooks for some years now.
> David
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