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Re: Quickbooks connector

by David Goodenough <> - 02/15/2015 05:21:59
On Sunday 15 February 2015 08:23:22 OpenERP Master wrote:
> Hello Community,
> We have been tasked with developing a quickbooks interface for Odoo 8. We
> are looking for companies interested in this feature. We would like to make
> this module generic so it will work for everyone. The module will export
> journal entries from sales orders/invoices and vendor invoices/payments in
> the form of an IIF (Quickbooks compatible format) File. AR/AP. Development
> is already 50% complete. If you are interested please let us know if you
> would like to contribute to it.
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Why are you using IIF, there is a very good XML-RPC API to Quickbooks which
gives you access (read and write) to most of Quickbooks data.  I have used
this to copy customer and invoice details from a pre-existing invoicing system
into Quickbooks for some years now.