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Odoo inventory management mobile app

OpenERP Master
- 02/15/2015 03:10:27
Hello Community,

Recently we have had a lot of requests around mobile inventory management. In the Ecommerce companies we work with this is a must. We are reaching out to see if it's worth kicking off a crowdfund for such a project. We have done some mobile apps in the past, however the customer wanted them closed source.

Here's the features were looking at:

Stock movement between bins. Support for forward pick, overstock, etc.
Putaway from a vendor reception
Reslotting product
Replenishment in warehouse
Stock lookup, Bin level inventory lookup.
Print labels from a mobile device to a network printer

Some of these features may require an extension of the Odoo framework.

The architecture would either be a Flask app or Web2py application that uses XML-RPC API to Odoo. It would be something like Jquery front end or just a simple button interface. Ideally it works on HTML5 browser.

This would not be an App, it would be a web application that runs on a server, therefore making it platform independent as long as the mobile device supports HTML5.

Once complete, this would be a fully open source free program.