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Re: RWD ( Responsive Web Desisgn ) for Openerp Web client v7 or 8

Eva Pinter
- 02/13/2015 06:29:27
Hello Yassine,

Have you tested mERP?

It has all the Odoo functionality and even a new beautiful design coming up soon.


Eva P.

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On 13 Feb 2015, at 10:47, Yassine Teimi <> wrote:

Hello Nuria, Thanks for your reponse, 

I'm interested more on version 7 actually, 

I'm in fact searching for technics that makes the views and all user interface elements, automatically adaptable to the device used.
For example, the width of views and fields automatically adaptable to the screen widthraw.

I'm using BHC application, it's good, but I'm in need of an application that can retrieve sales orders from the server, and create it also, with offline functionnality. I tried Openerp CRM Sales of intisoft, it works fine, but it can't retrieve sales order from my openerp server. I did some changes on the sales order view, I think that's why it can't retrieve them .....

So, it for that reasons, that i'm searching a workaround. If just I can fiind the problem of Openerp CRM Sales on retrieving sales order, it will be fine. 

I also find an openerp mobile framework : , it's very insteresting, but it need more time to invest to it ( normal ), but I would leave it as an alternative of what I'm trying now.

I hope I explained my issues, and I hope also that Openerp Mobile framework gets more support and care. 


2015-02-13 10:32 GMT+00:00 Nuria Arranz Velazquez <>:
The Web builder new themes are using Bootstrap, which in theory has 
in-built responsive design, if you are thinking of website viewing.

For Odoo itself, there are a couple of mobile apps:
1. by Xpansa, which is comprehensive but not free
2. by BHC, which is free but not comprehensive.

The Open Source one (BHC) is meant to be for Apple and Android, and it 
covers basic stuff:
- Messages
- Contacts
- Timesheets
- Expenses
- Stock
- Notes

In my opinion, it's a bit rough around the edges in terms of 
functionality and error handling.

I couldn't test properly the Xpansa free trial because it kept on 
logging me off at every step, which doesn't give me much confidence in 
the product.

I hope this helped,

On 13/02/15 09:47, Yassine Teimi wrote:
> Dear Community,
> Is someone worked on a module making the openerp web client responsive 
> to mobiles devices ?, if not, is there a planning for that ? or it's 
> focused on developping android apps only ?.
> Thanks for your valuable reponses.
> -- 
> Cordialement
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