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Re: New bank Statement for v9.0

Camptocamp SA, Frederic Clementi
- 02/13/2015 02:43:05
Hello Fabien,

When you say : 

2/ Register payments on invoices (write a check), then reconcile with the bank reconciliation afterwards. (bank account debited) It's planned in v9 and already merged in master.
I cannot find this functionality in master. 
I registered a payment on a customer invoice then I registered the same payment with the bank statement but I have not option to indicated that the payment is already posted... Did I miss anything ?


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2015-02-10 22:43 GMT+01:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:
> You are planning (for reasons I don't share yet) remove the support to
> account voucher as an official payment process, I am assuming that as a
> fact.

Yes, everything is explained in this document:

Note that we don't plan to remove account_vouchers. We will still have a
payment form (not the same) to register simple payment (not necessarily
linked to invoices) The main difference is that the reconciliation
process is delegated to the bank statement, not the account_voucher.

> Don't you think is fear enought have a comparision of features that are
> possibles on Voucher today that are not possibles in bank statement?

Put notes in the document if something is missing. I think bank
statements and payments cover every features of old account vouchers but
I may have forgotten one.

> My PoV here is that 100% of payment must come as a voucher first and
> then reconcile the voucher with banks, but honestly I do not understand
> at all why it is too difficult to explain to your team that this is the
> correct approach (and the real more generic one).

Yes, we support that approach. It's already like that in trunk.

There are four ways of managing bank reconciliation and we plan to
implement all of them:

1/ Bank statements create journal items and reconcile them with
invoices. It's the current approach of Odoo.

2/ Register payments on invoices (write a check), then reconcile with
the bank reconciliation afterwards. (bank account debited) It's planned
in v9 and already merged in master.

3/ Use an intermediary account and do two transactions: one from the
payment form, one for the bank statement. It's also the current approach
of Odoo.

4/ Register payments on invoices. Register a deposit slip. (with related
payments like checks) Register a bank statement with one line for the
deposit slip. (not implemented yet, but planned for v9)

We also improved a lot the normal reconciliation process. The wizard is
much better but most importantly, it's not required anymore since:
- payments are reconciled with invoices on bank statements
- invoice are reconciled with payments on invoice (pre-payments)

> Then we should be able to load easyly payments with vouchers (or
> throught invoices as you are thinking to do) and then reconcile with
> banks which is not correct do it in only 1 step do to we have several
> cases to cover.

I suggest that you re-read the specification. I think you missed a lot
of explanations.

> Are you agreed if we prepare such comparision to have a big picture of
> the issues we think you should cover with your plans?

Yes, great. But please read our documentation first as we may loose a
lot of time discussing on what's already planned or developed.

A copy/paste of the test flow we did on bank statement:

- I created 4 customer invoices with a new customer "testrecon"
respectively for 100, 200, 300 and 400 EUR.
- I left the 100 EUR in draft
- I validated the 200 EUR and left it open
- I validated the 300 EUR and paid it entirely with the Bank (EUR)
journal with the button "Register payment" on the invoice
- I validated the 400 EUR and created a customer payment for 30 EUR and
allocate with the 400 EUR invoice partially. Then I validate this
customer payment.
- Then I created a bank statement for "testrecon" with 1 line for 30 EUR
- Then I went to the bank statement reconciliation screen to see what
appears. I expect to see all the open invoices and paid invoices, that
is the 200, 300, and 400 EUR (minus 30 EUR) as well as the 30 EUR
registered as payments. It works.
- I apply the 30 EUR and saw the statement field on the journal entry
being populated, and the bank statement shows that this line has been used.


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