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Re: Record rule to forbid sale less price

Mohamed Hagag
- 02/12/2015 18:04:22

No comment after 3 days ?!

Another way of the question:

If an object have FieldA  FieldB how can I say FieldA = FieldB in a domain filter ?

why filters do not pares the 2nd field although it's in the same object like the 1st one ?


On 02/10/2015 03:58 PM, Mohamed M. Hagag wrote:
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I created this security rule for order line object and it's global


but it raises the below error:

ValueError: "name 'product_id' is not defined" while evaluating u"[('price_unit','>=',[product_id.lst_price])]"

why it can't find the 2nd field of the same object which in this case product_id ?

in general how can I say  field A = field B in a filter ?

I found that it expects the 2nd part to be user.ANY_FIELD or a raw value only .

Any help is very appreciated .