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Re: New bank Statement for v9.0

Nhomar Hernandez
- 02/10/2015 19:47:11

2015-02-10 15:42 GMT-06:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:
- I created 4 customer invoices with a new customer "testrecon" respectively for 100, 200, 300 and 400 EUR. - I left the 100 EUR in draft - I validated the 200 EUR and left it open - I validated the 300 EUR and paid it entirely with the Bank (EUR) journal with the button "Register payment" on the invoice - I validated the 400 EUR and created a customer payment for 30 EUR and allocate with the 400 EUR invoice partially. Then I validate this customer payment. - Then I created a bank statement for "testrecon" with 1 line for 30 EUR - Then I went to the bank statement reconciliation screen to see what appears. I expect to see all the open invoices and paid invoices, that is the 200, 300, and 400 EUR (minus 30 EUR) as well as the 30 EUR registered as payments. It works. - I apply the 30 EUR and saw the statement field on the journal entry being populated, and the bank statement shows that this line has been used.

This list of test (if all) I think explain a little why we have several issue.

I will make my part, let me prepare a document with functonal tests.

No there are any multicurrency test, (which is working differently to the one in voucher which is right).

I will check and comes here again.
Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez