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How to make link between two seperated stock locations ? [v7]

Yassine TEIMI
- 02/10/2015 09:52:15

Dear Community,

I am in multi-warehouse environnement, So I've many stock locations for my company, For example, let's conside two stock locations STOCK1 and STOCK2.

 I want that when I create an internal move for an article from STOCK1 to another stock ( STOCK X for example), it considers the quantity available for this article, on STOCK 2. So it's like taking in consideration the article available quantity on STOCK 2, when making an internal move from STOCK 1.

Here is an example to make thing simple 

I have to make a stock move for an article "A1". and it is from STOCK1 to another stock.

I have 20 of quantity available on STOCK1, and 10 of quantity available on STOCK2.

I need to make an internal move of 25 of "A1",

So, I have this quantity, but on separated locations. 25 = 20 on STOCK1 and 5 on STOCK2.

I want a way, that the system take in consideration the quantity available of "A1", on STOCK2.

So for my example, after the stock move I want to create, the updated quantity of "A1" will be 0 for STOCK1 and 5 on STOCK2.

Is there a parameter, that allows this kind of reflexion ? or should I pass by specific developpement ?



Yassine TEIMI

Chef de projet & Consultant 

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