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How to modify snippet?

PT. Falinwa Indonesia Jaya, Hans
- 02/09/2015 03:12:19

Hi Odoo Community,


I want to modify the existing snippet in Odoo,

For example in carousel snippet, the interval is 5000,

I want to change it to 1000.

How can I do that without directly modify the code in the openerp website module?


I tried to developed a custom module for that, but it still not work.


I realized in website.snippet.options.slider, there’s a function called “start”, and in this function set the interval to False, the default of the carousel is 5000, so if I override this function I think it will work.


But when I done something like this:{

Start: function() {


                this.&target.carousel({interval: 1});




Its not work.

The console say: “cannot read property ‘slider’ of underfined”


But when I console.log


There’s a property options in snippet, and there’s a slider too.


Can anybody help me?


Thank You.


Best Regards,

Hans Yonathan

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