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How to get the function field calculated with out saving a record

Mayur Maheshwari
- 02/07/2015 03:04:21
Dear Community,

    Hope all doing well
    I developed a custom sale module for the client.I have inherited the sale view and did a lots of changes in sale workflow but now  I am stuck with the function filed of subtotal
    As all know subtotal is showing in list view of sale order line in sale order form view but now The client requirement is to add a subtotal field in sale order line extended form view.while he create a sale order and add product into the line so automatically subtotal will calculated on the sale order line extended form view but now it's showing a zero at the creation time. As a technically sub_total is function field in sale order line object so when we save a whole sale order at the time the sub total will calculated [ subtotal formula = price * quantity]. so how can we show the sub total on sale order line extended form view  with out saving a record.
    I can also set  subtotal logic in on change but for that i need to add logic in product, quantity and price on_change and I don't think which is a good way as we have already function filed
    Sub total is an example to describe my problem but I have 3 another function filed facing a above problem
    I want to your opinion how to resolve this problem. Please share your idea on this so I can sort out asap.
    For more information i have attached a screen shot, please have a look

Regards !

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