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Re: Aeroo reports v7

Stefan Rijnhart
- 02/05/2015 14:29:04
On 05-02-15 19:11, Nicolas Schmitt wrote:
> Additionaly just so that you know, Alistek still has not ported Aeroo
> Report to Odoo 8, and even though they say they want to, they seem
> really inactive. The last time there was a commit on their launchpad
> was in 2013.

For the record, Aeroo seems to be doing rather well at

> Also you won't be able to install it on a new version on ubuntu,
> because of a removed version of python-uno.

I think this is meant as a solution for that: If I am correct, Odoo now taks to
this this small rpc service which runs in Python 3 and can thus use
Ubuntu's python-uno.


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