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Re: Aeroo reports v7

- 02/05/2015 13:07:35
Hi Yassine,

Have you looked at the page: Aeroo Reports Linux Installation?
There you have all the steps needed to install it.
To answer your question about installing the python libraries on the server, yes you have to do it.

About your question on the webkit report (which is now replaced by QWeb in Odoo v8), I don't think they have any relation, or that they can collaborate.

Additionaly just so that you know, Alistek still has not ported Aeroo Report to Odoo 8, and even though they say they want to, they seem really inactive. The last time there was a commit on their launchpad was in 2013.
So if you are thinking ahead, think about it.
For reference you can see a post I created here asking them about their project continuity.

Also you won't be able to install it on a new version on ubuntu, because of a removed version of python-uno.

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 12:18 PM, Yassine Teimi <> wrote:
Dear Community, 

I used to create my reports using the openerp report designer plugin into openoffice, thanks to base_report_designer module. Now I'm trying to use Aeroo reports for my reports, because it seems more easy to update, it's not using sxw extension, just odt extension. 

My question is to use it, should I just install the aeroo_reports module, or should I install aeroo reports libraries on my ubuntu 12.04 LTS server, the one hosting my openerp v7 installation ?

If these librairies are not installed, the aeroo reports modules can be installed ?

I'm asking that because I've already the aeroo_report  module installed on my openerp instance. I have a menu right now on configuration/technical/Aeroo Reports . And I was wondering If my previous installation of aeroo report libraries is correct.

Besides, when trying to create an aeroo report for an object, there is only one output format : ODF Text Document (.odt) , I want to have pdf output format, excel,... and so on. what do I need to get this outputs formats ?.

I also want that my reports generate automatically for every page a predefined header and footer, how can I do this ? 

What is the relation that aeroo reports have with webkit report ? is it usefull for headers and footers ?.

I know I asked so many questions, but this is really important for me to know. 

Thank you dear community.


Yassine TEIMI

Chef de projet & Consultant 

TEL : 06-56 15 31 47

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