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Re: Key Error

Camptocamp SA, Yannick Vaucher - Camptocamp
- 02/05/2015 10:55:08
It might be

_inherit = "mrp_repair"

Try this instead

_inherit = ""

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On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 4:52 PM, Guido Schaidl <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I tryed wo write my first application for Odoo an i got an error i can't 
get solved. The application extends the mrp_repair module. I tried to 
reduce the code to find the error but didn't get it.

Here are my files:




# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import controllers
import mrp_repair_update

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
     'name': "mrp_repair_update",

     'summary': """
         Add new fields to mrp_repair form""",

     'description': """
         Long description of module's purpose

     'author': "G",
     'website': "",

     # Categories can be used to filter modules in modules listing
     # Check
     # for the full list
     'category': 'Uncategorized',
     'version': '0.1',

     # any module necessary for this one to work correctly
     'depends': ['base'],

     # always loaded
     'data': [
         # 'security/ir.model.access.csv',
         'templates.xml', 'views/mrp_repair_update.xml',
     # only loaded in demonstration mode
     'demo': [

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from openerp.osv import fields, osv

class mrp_repair_update(osv.osv):
     _inherit = "mrp_repair"
     Kommission = fields.char(string="Kommission", required=True)
     freigabe_durch1 = fields.char(string="Freigabe durch")

The Error is KeyError:'mrp_repair'. Google says that it has something to 
do with the import of files. But the view and the py file are already 

Can someone help me out?

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