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Re: Gitflow BangBang

- 02/05/2015 07:17:13
The git workflow on any non-trivial Odoo project is much more complex 
that gitflow.
You'll manage feature branches and hotfixes like gitflow but:
- on multiple projects (odoo, OCA, custom...)
- using multiple upstreams (Odoo/OCB)
- using multiple bugtrackers (githbub, Odoo SA's ticket system, your 
internal ticket system)
- targetting several Odoo versions (the one you deployed, the latest 
official odoo, master)
- on multiple servers (your station, your internal git server, github, 
maybe your integration server or your production server)
So if you mix this all you get a big headache and a very specific workflow.

I've intended to write a comprehensive blog post on the topic for quite 
some time, I'll try to write it down once and for all.
Here's as attachment a diagram of what our own git workflow looks like.
Of course, we've scripted a lot of it to make it bearable.