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- 02/04/2015 04:18:50
Dear community members,

I've a request to make a form view on a website module by re-using data 
of the backend of my Odoo instance.

For example, I developed a form on a website module to allow customers 
to register their adresses. On this form, there is a field 'Country' and 
in this field, I would like to allow user to select a country within data of my backend. I would like this field will be 
displayed in the same way a many2one field on the backend.

Does anyone know if there is a solution to display this field as 
described or I need to develop this feature by writing QWeb + JS ?

Another question : the website forms use the HTML5 validators to check 
data entered in fields. But, for example, if I need a specific format 
for a phone number or if my customer doesn't use a HTML5-compatible 
browser, how can I do this validation ? With the controller ? With a 
specific javascript validation ?



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