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RE: postgres credentials(forbackups)? installed with bitnami-odooinstaller

Atul Kumar jain
- 02/03/2015 13:00:04
1. Default password for postgres is postgres_
And if you want login in to the psql shell then just login with postgres user but login without root  user but user should have sudo access
And third way is that just see openerp-server.conf file there you can see database user and password then login with that and then run
Alter role postgres with password 'password';
Hope this will help you

From: Tomasz Chmielewski
Sent: ‎03-‎02-‎2015 10:22 PM
To: Community
Subject: Re: postgres credentials(forbackups)? installed with bitnami-odooinstaller


root@odoo01:~# cat /etc/password
cat: /etc/password: No such file or directory

Also no such file in Odoo installation dir:

root@odoo01:~# find /opt/odoo-8.0-5/ -name password

Tomasz Chmielewski

On 2015-02-04 01:43, Erastus wrote:
> check tour /etc/password setting for user postgres

> On 2015-02-03 06:32 PM, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>> I've installed Odoo from
>> I'd like to backup my Odoo postgres database.
>> Unfortunately, I see it's set to use a password, and I'm not able to
>> find in documentation what password was it set to (or where to find
> it
>> out):
>> root@odoo01:~# su - postgres
>> No directory, logging in with HOME=/
>> $ /opt/odoo-8.0-5/postgresql/bin/psql
>> Password:
>> psql.bin: fe_sendauth: no password supplied
>> What is the password for "postgres" database user (or any other
> admin
>> user, or where to find that info) with Odoo installed with
>> --
>> Tomasz Chmielewski

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