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Re: MRP - Accounting for Labor Cost

Lenny Sorey
- 02/02/2015 06:21:42

Hey Ana,

Thanks so much for your response!!

I appreciate the references and will take a look at each one.

I was really surprised that this functionality was not included in the core piece of Odoo.

I was concerned that one could not calculate a true cost of a manufactured part.

In my line of work, labor is the largest part of the manufactured part.

Again, really appreciate your response.


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Ana Juaristi <> wrote:

Link between timesheets and MRP is not included on Odoo Core.

We added that link on OdooMRP (sorry for spamming community with OdooMRP links but during last days a lot of people is asking for functionality that it's available by now in our project regarding to manufacturing and I don't know any other way of answering them)

So...again, please take a look here:

You would need at less mrp_project_link module + mrp_production_real_costs . If you also would like to collect stimated cost you would also need mrp_production_project_estimated_cost

You also could take a look to this small video trying to show how we are collecting those costs:

2015-02-01 21:53 GMT+01:00 Lenny Sorey <>:

This question may have asked previously regarding Odoo. I have been looking through the MRP module and am having difficulty in determining how labor costs are associated with the manufacturing process. I cannot see how to link labor costs from time sheets or project management to an individual Work Order. 

There are times when a product is manufactured or fabricated at a work station not using a particular machine but rather labor and either purchased or fabricated parts. How is the labor costs associated with that particular module part in a work order?

How would one know if you are winning or losing on a manufacturing project at the work order level? 

Thanks in advance for responses.


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