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MRP : Reusing common parts in routings

- 02/02/2015 03:55:41
Dear manufacturing experts,
Our users have processes that are often divided in 2 phases.
- a preparation phase composed of several steps
- an execution step composed of several other steps.
Let's say phase 1 must can be chosen among 2 pre-defined phases :
     PREP1 = step A + step B
     or PREP2 = step X + step Y + step Z
...and phase 2 is chosen among:
     EXEC1 = step C + step D + step E
     or EXEC2 = step V + step W

For the moment, phases are not supported and managers have to define 
each routing in Odoo as a succession of steps, for example:
    step A
    step B
    step V
    step W
But as you can imagine, it is very tedious to enter, and routings never 
get reused because of the number of possible combinations.
So they would like to be able to enter phases in routings (or maybe even 
parent/child sub-routings).
Is there a community module somewhere to do this, that we could promote 
to OCA ?

If not, we may be willing to develop it and/or fund the development : 
who else would be interested in this feature ?

Lionel Sausin.