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Re: expenses in payslip with python code

Anybox, Christophe Combelles
- 02/01/2015 05:28:24

It's not a good idea from an accounting point of view : the expense already creates a credit to the employee, your slip rule will create the same duplicated credit. So either the employee will see their expenses reimbursed twice, either you should never go to the end of the expense workflow. Or maybe the slip rule may create a dummy account move...
An alternative could be to just display the monthly expenses on the payslip report without taking it into account. Be default with odoo it's seems better and simpler to separate salary and expenses. (and provide the expense report along with the payslip)
But I admit I'd like to do something similar because in the real life expenses are often displayed on the payslip indeed... (in france we have the choice to do it or not)


Le 31 janvier 2015 21:27:33 EET, "Mohamed M. Hagag" <> a écrit :


anyone did try to add employee expenses to payslip using python code in salary rules ?

what I'm trying to do create salary rule that will find expenses of employee and add its amount to the payslip.

BTW if we did that, will the payslip reconcile the expenses payment ?


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