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Re: About Attachment File Location (again)

Anybox, Christophe Combelles
- 01/31/2015 06:08:53

Le 31 janvier 2015 05:47:44 EET, Togar Hutabarat <> a écrit :
>Hello Community!
>Maybe many question similar with my question has been asked by a many
>people in forums or Stackoverflow. But please allow me to ask again in
>this community forum. My question: is there any possibility for Odoo to
>save attachment directly into a file system directory (instead of
>Another doubt about this: I know that we can configure FTP for Odoo
>(module document_ftp), so we can browse/copy/open attachment by using
>file explorer (Linux/Windows/iOS) or using any FTP client. Is that it
>really store the file into FTP server? Or is Odoo just use FTP as a
>emulation interface to access attachments? What we want is to make sure
>Odoo not store attachment data into database that may increase database
>size when we upload big files.

 Storing big files in the database really is not a problem, if you use the right storage with a way to dump without attachments if needed :
Not only it is no problem, but most of the time it's a far better solution to keep your data in a safe place.


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