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RE: Bank reconciliation & VAT on payment

Luc De Meyer
- 01/30/2015 06:47:33

If you are going to walk this way, than it’s a bit more work than just marking an entry as already posted.

You also must foresee for a simple way (and automated when importing digital bank statements) to link the statement line to the already posted entry.


The normal practice (at least in our small country) is that statements are electronically imported. From the statement lines you create accounting entries (with reconciliation) and if you have already in some way or another marked a certain invoice as ‘PAID’ than this happens via intermediate accounts (hence you reconcile the posting from the statement line with the intermediate account since the accounts payable/receivable account is already reconciled).


Matching (“rapprochement bancaire”) the statement line with an already posted entry is not correct from an accounting standpoint since you only know that an invoice has been really paid when you see the money on your bank statement (in case of wire transfer).




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From: Frédéric Clementi []
Sent: vrijdag 30 januari 2015 12:04
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Subject: Re: Bank reconciliation & VAT on payment


Regarding the question about bank reconciliation (so we are talking about 'Rapprochement bancaire' and not 'léttrage') with the new bank reconcile in V8 there is a great opportunity to have such a tool by simply allowing the system the mark a bank statement line as 'already posted (ex using the register payement button on invoice). 

This way you would allow that bank statement lines might not generate journal entries.


I discussed this with Fabien and he totally agreed and promised to do it at some point.Today it is not done yet but I am conviced this is the right way to handle this.

(After this dev we would simply need a good report) 






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2015-01-30 9:47 GMT+01:00 jean luc tinland <>:

Yes Christophe.
Such a module is mandatory in France, and some countries in Africa.

It's surprising it is not basically included where ther is such  market.
Difficult to compete with Sage or Ciel without that.
And with the mess with bank reconciliation module.
Ther ar may sphisticated features and some basics are missing.

Le 29/01/2015 22:12, Christophe Combelles a écrit :

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I had started a tax_on_payment module here

I hadn't time to finish it, but I believe it's the right way to do it, at least in France : write the VAT in a waiting account (4458) during invoicing, then move this VAT amount from the waiting account to the due account (4457) during reconciliation of the payment. Accountants do exactly that.
There is a small text explaining it (in french)

I could finish it if I find a few days of funding for that.


Le 29/01/2015 12:12, jean luc tinland a écrit :

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Newbie in this communauty Odoo I probably post an olds questions ...


- On Odoo V8 is there a bank reconciliation similar to the one in 6.1 ?

- On Odoo V8 what is the solution to manage VAT on payment ?


Thks for your advices !

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