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Re: Bank reconciliation & VAT on payment

Anybox, Christophe Combelles
- 01/29/2015 16:09:55
I had started a tax_on_payment module here

I hadn't time to finish it, but I believe it's the right way to do it, at least in France : write the VAT in a waiting account (4458) during invoicing, then move this VAT amount from the waiting account to the due account (4457) during reconciliation of the payment. Accountants do exactly that.
There is a small text explaining it (in french)

I could finish it if I find a few days of funding for that.


Le 29/01/2015 12:12, jean luc tinland a écrit :
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Newbie in this communauty Odoo I probably post an olds questions ...

- On Odoo V8 is there a bank reconciliation similar to the one in 6.1 ?
- On Odoo V8 what is the solution to manage VAT on payment ?

Thks for your advices !

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