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André Pereira
- 01/29/2015 06:43:39

For example, the Ubuntu version, postgres SQL version, python version, python reporting package version.

Not true, we're running Odoo 8 on Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04, CentOS 6.5 and SLES 11 and on Postgres 9.1 to 9.3. It's just a matter of installing the right version of the dependencies.

Ubuntu 12.04 is easier since you can just apt-get install everything, but there's no real impediment to running it on any other distro.

2015-01-29 10:21 GMT+00:00 Hans Yonathan <>:

Please don’t hurt yourself by want to have the not recommended one.

Honestly in my point of view, Odoo is very sensitive software.

We must work by their recommendation environment, or we will have a bad day in the future.


For example, the Ubuntu version, postgres SQL version, python version, python reporting package version.

All of it must follow Odoo recommendation.


Even just have a wrong version on each of it based on Odoo recommendation, there’s a function in Odoo that will not worked.


So please don’t hurt yourself buddy.


Thank You.


Best Regards,

Hans Yonathan

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From: Dave Ellison []
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2015 6:02 PM
To: Community


Quite frankly I too cannot see a reason for requiring MySQL. Each have

their own merits and I use both, hell I even like Oracle (off topic

sorry). But yes, no point at all for this to happen.


On Wed, 2015-01-28 at 18:32 +0000, Lionel Sausin wrote:

> Le 23/01/2015 08:27, NGUYEN Jean Pascal a écrit :

> >

> > it would not be fully open source anymore….

> >

> Nonsense. Licence contamination does not work like that.

> Anyway, this topic come every no an then and the reasons why Odoo 

> supports only Postgres are:

> - it would cost an arm to develop

> - it would cost an arm and a leg to maintain

> - it would add very little value because we're pretty well served by 

> PostgreSQL

> So in the end no one cares and it's not going to happen any time soon as 

> far as I know.

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