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Openerp Reports on Google spreadsheet [v7]

Yassine TEIMI
- 01/27/2015 08:48:49

The main idea, is to be able to fetch data from openerp into google spreadsheets, for that you should establish a connection between the two, using javascript, and others languages, for that I installed the modulegoogle_spreadsheet. This module depends on google_base_account, it adds the Synchronization tab onuser form, I filled in this tab, the google account ( user and password ) for a user.

Then on Reporting Module, a new menu is available, "Google spreadsheets", I created a new spreadsheet, it gives you a link with a google drive ID, I tick the link, knowing that I'm already connected to my google account, a new tab on my google spreadsheet menu appears, offering Settings to connect to the server. I don't know what the google drive ID is for ?

After That I fill the url of my server, the Database, and the login and the password, My problem is, when I try to fetch records with the method : oe_browse for example : =oe_browse("res.partner"; "name city country_id"; "[['customer','=',true]]"; "name asc"; 5)

it gives :  Authentication Error (line 320, file "Code")

Is there any step by step for implementing google spreadsheet integration with openerp v7 ? I think somethiing is wrong with the connection between the two parts. can anybody gives a hand please ? Thanks.



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